WP-Bootstrap4 WordPress Theme

Bootstrap 4.0 is on it’s way. Currently in Alpha 2, the framework in progressing well, but some of the changes require significant work in adapting to WordPress (like renaming labels to tags, that conflicts heavily with WP’s tag taxonomy).

WP-Bootstrap4 is now available, but remember it’s a Work In Progress. As of now, I’ve taken a snapshot of the current work by @mdo et.al. and incorporates the changes since the Alpha 2 release… head on over to the GitHub page.


Print-Ready CSS Framework addon

The majority of web sites today aren’t build to print easily. The Print-Ready CSS framework addon is a set of classes to aid web developers design around making their websites printable. There is a set of core CSS + JS that adds basic functionality, and then there is snap-on / addon sets of CSS to append to popular frameworks like Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4.

Head on over to GitHub to download it.


AV Fan Control Unit Build Updates

25 Aug 2013
Most of the parts received except the fan headers from Element14 (expected mid-September).
Soldering these SMD’s is proving to be difficultly with my hand-held soldering station – proto’s will look ugly.
Already decided to make some changes to the board layout:
  1. Reset switch needs to move to the opposite side of the DiskDrive power
  2. Both LEDs should move to where the reset switch is now.
  3. I could not find a 0603 100uF Cap. Duh! Need to change to larger footprint & move to top layer. (Actually all components should be on top!)
12 Sep 2013
Farnell sent me 0201 (imperial) 4K7 resistors, instead of 0201 (metric, aka 0603 imperial) and are procrastinating about fixing the order. Waiting….
9 Oct 2013
Farnell sent me the 3rd set of 0201 (imperial) 4K7 resistors, instead of 0201 (metric, aka 0603 imperial). Very quick to credit me the $ value – but they’ve given up sending me the right stuff.
I need to find another AU based supplier… RS-Components?

Prototype PCB for AV Unit fan controller arrived

The prototype PCB’s for the AV Unit fan controller have arrived. I placed the order with Futurlec in Newcastle and the 5 boards where sent from Singapore – took longer than I expected (about 5 weeks) . I ordered a board without solder mask in case I needed to cut & reroute and Futurlec was kind enough to pre-solder the whole board… so looks all chromey…


Next I need to order in the parts and then figure out how to solder those SMD’s by hand.

Github has the Eagle files.

WP-Bootstrap2 WordPress Theme update


After running a few websites with the WP-Bootstrap2 WordPress Theme for the last year I’ve decided to finally get down and add the things I had been putting off since then.


Arduino fan control module

Wanting to build a TV-Unit fan controller I realize that their aren’t any fan controller modules for Arduino. This little project is my attempt to build a fan controller for building projects that may need thermal control.


Internet of Things Clock

I started the IoT-Clock project with the intention of making a wall clock that is always correct.

It uses the RTC module from Freetronics, and their Dot Matrix Display.

The board I used is a Freetronics EtherTen board (but a classic Arduino and a EtherSheild will work too).

The Clock will sync time every morning with a NTP server. It also uses Arduino’s Time.h library as-well-as Timezone.h.


Arduino library for DS3232 RTC

Freetronics RTC

I’ve cut some code for the Freetronics RTC (Real Time Clock) Module.

It’s an Arduino library, but not intended to be a professional project source base (compile size a bit large due to the abstraction code), rather a easy to use learning aid. It shows you how to use the Maxim Integrated DS3232 RTC with Arduino’s Wire.h and Time.h libraries.